2/1/2015: F&P Team Travels

Stephen MarshallDRI Products Liability Conference February 4 – 6 in Las Vegas, NV

Colin Bell Transportation & Logistics Council Annual Conference in Orlando, FL March 22 – 25

Colin Bell Transportation Lawyers Association annual conference in Phoenix, AZ May 12 – 15

Andrew Stephenson – Liability Seminar Presenter in Indianapolis, IN, at Baldwin & Lyons, Protective Insurance Company, March 27

Andrew Stephenson and Colin Bell – “On the Road in 2015: Trucking Boot Camp for the Claims Professional
Dallas, TX April 15
Chicago, IL April 16
Atlanta, GA May 20
Orlando, FL May 21

Bert Randall – Speaking at ACI’s 7th Annual Employment Discrimination Litigation conference, in Chicago, IL July 27-28